The Road to Carbon Reduction


Peebles CAN have secured a share of funding made available through the Scottish Government's Climate Challenge Fund (CCF).  Peebles CAN have been awarded a CCF grant totalling £147,896.88 over 2 years.


The CCF is a Scottish Government grant programme managed by environmental charity Keep Scotland Beautiful.  The CCF provides funding and support to help community-led organisations in Scotland tackle climate change through projects that reduce local carbon emissions.


Our project, The Road to Carbon Reduction, will offer free support to help Peebles and surrounding towns to reduce carbon emissions through carbon literacy education and practical activities. The project will facilitate discussion about climate change by hosting Skill Shares and community meals focused on carbon literacy, and will increase understanding of climate change in the local community through promoting journey sharing, eco driving courses, promoting alternative active travel and growing food for local consumption.


For more information on CCF and projects they fund visit their website at

Upcoming events

(See posters below for details)

  • Fuel efficiency driving course

  • Community meals

  • Bike maintenance course 

  • Pick Your Own days

  • Skill shares

  • Carbon literacy

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Virtual Skill Shares

New Story Run by Rosie Watson

Love your clothes by Miriam Adcock from Zero Waste Scotland

Single use plastic audit

Tackle the climate crisis in the way that makes you feel most alive"


Watch the New Story Run short film launched today! The film tells the first part of Rosie Watson's epic run from the UK to Mongolia as she seeks out new stories for humanity in the face of the climate crisis. The film gives a snapshot of her experiences and the people she has encountered in over ten months, eleven countries and more than 4800km of running in her mission to take on the climate crisis in the way that makes her feel most alive. It also tells how Mike Elm was inspired by Rosie to start the New Story Ride, a twinned shoe-string bikepacking adventure.


Filmed and produced by Guy Loftus of Studio Future this is a light-hearted but poignant teaser of more to come! The Run & Ride were stopped in Bulgaria because of the pandemic, so still have more than half of the journey, which they'll continue ASAP ...

Give the film a watch, then follow their journeys for updates on the second push.

#NewStoryRun #NewStoryRide

Carbon Literacy

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What does a low carbon community look like to you?

The summaries below represents a snapshot of what our travel and food life could be like in a lower carbon future. Working towards a better future is why we are taking action on climate change.

Thanks to CCF for this information.  More info can be found on

Greener and cheaper ways to heat your home


Why is Carbon Important?

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